We are pleased to receive you through the gateway to the Nors plane. Click on any picture below for a playlist or one of our site links. Visit our Linktr.ee for an extensive list of links. Read our story further down.

In our dimension, NORS began as a community clan in the world of Runescape/Gielinor officially in 2011 after a year of scouting founders for its eclectic framework; and coincided with the humble beginning of Jasper’s multimedia pursuits, starting with the original RSMV for Electricity by OMD on his YouTube channel and continuing to this day with his involvement in NORS and the help of the Divine Baroness.In the peace of the Fifth Age of Gielinor, following the Seal Conflicts; and with the rise of archaeology and discovery of human artifacts lost on traverse through the World Gate the universally beloved Baroness and mascot Nora Lumwood is born to Gaius and Aezien, attends New Order Burthrope Guild Chambers, and (among other things) studies Musical Appreciation under the Seven Lights Sage before happening upon Jasper, saving his life and subsequently rehabilitating him. Eventually, she learns of his origins and they begin working together for the cultural enrichment of Gielinor and Earth.Jasper continued to produce albums with the Divine Baroness’ help behind the scenes in production and recruiting band mates first in Archetype and more directly in Reflections and onwards after recovering his lost three original albums: Infinitum, Probe, and Revelation. He was also given the role of community videographer by Count Gaius, and would occasionally lend his presence and vocal abilities as well to the community videos.Through this plane you will continue to see the journey of NORS and Some Distant Memory unfold before your eyes and maybe choose to affect it positively.